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This function of the app lets the user search a best suitable, affordable & nearest gym so as to ease their efforts on mobility to find one.

It acts as an aggregator between the gym and the gym student for the benefit of the both.

The user may find attractive deals related to the membership of gyms while using this part.

Other functions might include: Gym battle venues, G-stores, O+ etc


If you are interested in any gym and its profile on Kasrat mobile application you can use this super cool function to save your favorites.

This might catch you be some special deals from that particular gym, if any such deal is available at gym’s end.

About G-stores, this will act as the wish list to your carts directly.

Likewise, deals on G-stores could be validated from gym’s end similarly.


Gym gurus can use this key to raise more head counts in their respective batches.

Gym students can push themselves more as they will be able to see the real progress in punctuality and body fitness.

Users as well as the gym owners can get the actual figures about the attendance histories.

Users can even calculate the total time they spent in the gym tiring themselves up.

Gym owners can get the complete report about each member.


Now, gym people will never miss any diet notification from the gym guru and can all day track their food targets.

You can now have a glimpse at what you actually eat and what you actually don’t.

A tracker can be set later on to track all food intake and reports can be accessed monthly wise.

Water reminders and diet reminders can be balanced simultaneously as an aspect of future prospects

This will help gum gurus to retain maximum number of head counts each year


Now, gym gurus can set all the exercises to all the gym students digitally according to the level of the student and his expertise and experience with the gym machinery.

All sets, repetitions can be accessed irrespective of the timings or the day of the respective body parts at any point of time.

Later on, even exercises will be made such to tracked as such and create a monthly report.

Master of exercises will be created once and for all.


Now, groove n to the beats by Kasrat Music as we bring you the real hard core trance & EDM that suits your ear when you lift the mother earth on your shoulders.

Music player Kasrat will be available in multiple skins.

Now, create your own playlist from the songs we provide you all along.

The use of having two different applications is now resolved by having Kasrat & Kasrat Music on a single platform.

Now play the music in background while your muscles dance to the beats.


Body Mass Index meter gives you an idea about the journey you have been on for a while.

Each time you change your weight, you will be able to find your new index so as to have an idea about your BMI.
Also, share this data for future use.
Track down on the real reason of the imbalance in your lifestyle and consult your gym guru from time to time to be on the right track.


Compare the two photos of before and after the transformation actually took place and feel the difference.

Later on, you might be able to share your inspirational story of transformation with all your dear & close friends.

Body transformation is actually a series of photos of your overall journey and the best report you can attain.
You will be able to save your photos along with the date and the weight.


Now, need not to go to YouTube for tutorial videos instead get it directly from your gym that your gym guru has uploaded specially for you.

Kasrat application is integrated with the YouTube video player for better playback.

Now, even if you miss any of the tactics or skill training from the trainer get it done from this section.

Later on, the videos can be made to download.


Get rid of the cash payments to the gyms now!

Following the suit, Kasrat allows you to pay digitally through payment gateway and Paytm payments.

Get payment notifications well before your membership package is going to be expired. So that you do not miss out one.

Your gym can aware you about the upcoming payments.

Later on, E-transactions will play a bigger role on Kasrat


Now, go to each gym and check its machines and also check look & feel without even moving an inch, just by using this tab.

Open the gallery section and see the whole gym while sitting at any part of the world.

Your gym’s profile will be globally active and anybody can see how you people roll.

Your batches, trainers, specialties, packages etc. can be accessed through this section.
Later on, invite friends to your respective gyms.


Get daily reminders about what to eat & what to pump.

You can set your daily reminder for exercises according to the day you chose for a particular body part.

For diet related notifications, you gym guru will avail you the schedule.

Later on, track the complete diet reminder by the app itself.

Your daily attendance reminder will be on its way by the work out preference you choose.

Later on, water reminders will be implemented.


Send important news & broadcast to all your gym students by using this part.

A holiday notification or a wish will now be very easy.

Later on, birthday wishes will be implemented through SMSs
An emergency close tomorrow will not be any problem with any of your students as you can aware them way before.

Alert all students for any specific call, just shoot a broadcast.