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Planning is the best way to start anything which reflects in positivity regarding that work. Same thing happen with exercise planner to build a routine for attractive body or healthy lifestyle.

Keep track of workout based on These points:

Where do you want to start a workout?

Which time of a daily workout is helpful the most?

What to eat to control on body weight?

Should I focus on any specific body part or complete body exercise is good?

Maintaining a daily workout diary is a good option?

How to fulfill these points under best trainer's direction is mentioning here :

1. Workout from home or gym is two different way for the workout and both will give a different result. So many people still want to work out from home to save their time or cut out the excess time so that they can spend time their family.

2. Workout from the gym is a much better way for the gym just because of workout under trainer is way effective then workout at home. A trainer comes with ideas and strict timelines for their customers and also keep checking their progress regularly.

3. To start workout in morning is the best time to keep the body fit and also feel energetic. Fresh mind helps a lot in a workout to push yourself beyond expectation to gain what a customer is looking for?

4. Food is the main ingredient which effects a body to structure in a way. A healthy diet and a specific time to consume it helps in growing physically with mental health. A study is showing that small portion of food consume 6 times in a day is the best for a healthy body. Calculate the daily calories and divide it into parts will increase the level of fitness.

5. Workout for a good shape of the specific part is equally significant for a person. Some people focus on overall look so they follow complete gym tactics and complete gym diet to help reduce weight and gain great muscular/figure physic.

6. Keep track of daily diet and workout is helpful and provide complete detail every week. maintaining a diary for workout detail and specially what type of exercise is performing in a day.