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Most, if not all people are also tied to many commitments, time constraints, toxic schedules and so many other matters of consequence. In most cases, most people who pursue a full-time career usually shrug off the need to live healthily. They usually become a convenience seeker - junk food or ready-to-eat choices for dining, while, the thoughts on exercise are sleeping ideas. This cannot always be the case though since it cannot be reiterated hard enough that health is wealth.

Statistics even show that the growing population of the workaholic is gaining weight and failing in health. It is a fact though that in a season of economic crisis and in this period where every single second count, gym membership appears to be a luxury while minutes of driving to the gym seem to just take a good chunk from our precious time. These two factors alone can already seriously discourage you to head to the gym, burn some calories, keep healthy and lose weight. There is a better alternative for everyone though - the Kasrat.

Why is Diet important in our life?

Kasrat is a new gym app comes with Diet reminder to provide notification time to time for lunch, brunch, breakfast, dinner.
Diet reminder can help you to consume food on time and also provide information about how many calories a person can have at that time?