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Attendance is a new element of KASRAT App to ensure that customers are taking care of their regular exercises in a planned manner or not. Workout with planning can lead to the desired body and also in a minimum time period. This key feature is help for gym guru or we can say gym trainer to check their client activeness and also measure their daily workout. Attendance provides a complete time report of a user which is including - What time, How much time.

Attendance is a requirement or a facility?

Attendance helps a user too so that they can improve their time and type of workout. Gym Trainer checks attendance report daily and keeps their eyes on customers to get the better result in few days. It's a effective way to mention daily workout detail in a format to check if there is any need for changes.

Gym attendance full report is checked by Gym owner so they can easily track if their customers are doing good or not. Important aspects of Kasrat Gym app is attendance to check punctuality and fitness progress. Attendance feature is more helpful for future characteristics and to maintain a daily diary in respect to keep every little information about your fitness handy.