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Kasrat is a


assistant tool that eases the work and build around a healthy and meaningful atmosphere of digitization, transparency, modernization & simplification. Kasrat as the name suggests, in Hindi means “Exercise” and in Roman Urdu means “Abundance” aptly justifies the work it has been designated with.

It runs internally across the gymnasium and gives the best efficient output as desired by the Master. Hence, it will be the best gym assistant as it knows what to offer, when to offer and how to offer.


ONLINE KASRAT is a team of young & vibrant developers from the cyber city of India, Gurugram. a rich blend of experience with innovation carved out the tool kit KASRAT for the fitness market.

With a varied work past of developing websites, customizing software solutions as per customer requirements and mobile applications development, Team K’ has developed a niche of its own, the Research and Analysis team provided a solution to the gym students, gym trainers and gym owners over a single platform.

KASRAT has five plus dedicated coders and a two plus teams of business developers to enrich & enhance the way it works to ease your work in gym.


KASRAT is a web based tool that helps you answer all the queries of your customers from a single platform, it runs internally & simultaneously to make your business more efficient.

This makes it very catchy for users to retain themselves with the gym they have been associated. Because, in today’s world everyone wants a mobile application for the ease, to be kept reminded about their diets and exercises, their weight and their physique.

Not only, this tool provides a single platform for gym fees payments, diet reminders, attendance notifications, it also creates a sense of belongingness between the gym and the student.